Everyone should know about Digital India System


The digital India system programme is a programme of India and also a flagship system with an aim to make India into a digital power society and increase economy knowledge.

Digital India is made available for all citizens electrically to improve online visiting infrastructure. It is launching by Government of India by making our country digitally and by increasing internet network connectivity for our empowered in the field of technology.

There are approx 12 key to initiate to make digital India which really you everyone should know about all projects key:

  1. Digi Locker:

This key is launched for an important work to store confidential documents like voter ID, PAN card, Driving license, education certificate documents, Adhar card etc.

  1. MyGov.in

The portal works as online platform to connect our citizens through a “Discuss”, “Do” and “Disseminate” approach system.

  1. eSign Framework:

The initiative to making digital India is enable all users to digitally sign a document online and that document is Aadhaar Card authentication.

  1. Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan (Mission) Mobile App

This mobile app is developed to enable for having clean our organizations and citizens to get access any information regarding the goal of our mission.

  1. National scholarship portal:

Everything which is related to government scholarships can be done on this national scholarship portal online and after that the aim of this portal is making the scholarship process easy through submitting application, verification, sanction and disbursal to the end beneficiary.

  1. eHospital:

In online registration system under eHospital key initiative, it enables the people to use services like online registration, online payments of fees, and any appointments , online diagnosis reports and get any information to check availability of blood, medicines online etc.

  1. Digitize India Platform:

This key of digital India project will make for the digitization of data and records on the large scale in our country and make easy and quick access to them possible.

  1. Bharat Net:

Under this key initiative, a very high-speed digital network highway will connect approx 250,000 gram panchayat of country. This project is the world’s largest for rural area broadband project using by optical fiber.

  1. Wi-Fi hotspot:

This initiative of our digital India is development of higher speed through Wi-Fi  hotspots all over our country. It is another way to improve digital connectivity network in the country.


  1. Next Generation Network:

In this key project , this is launched by BSNL and this service will replace appox 30 years old telephone to handle all services like voice, data, media , multimedia and other types of communicating services.

  1. Electronic Development Funds:

An estimate fund amount will be fix up to improvement of the manufacturing products of electronics, that is also helpful for  the resource  to create  new jobs and reduce import part of the jobs. The fixed funds will help to improve innovation, research and development of the products.

  1. Center of Excellence on Internet of Things (IoT):

This initiative of project is for everything will be in management and appreciate to citizens for a new growing strategy and this IoT will help to citizens in the part of services like transport system, parking, electricity, water management, waste management and most import thing is women’s safety to create smart cities sign and many things like smart heath services, smart manufacturing process and smart agriculture system for the formers etc.


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