How to Combine Multiple Outlook PST Files into One File


“How to merge multiple outlook  PST file into single file?” it is oftentimes asked inquiring by Outlook users, because Daily transform with Outlook email client increases concept of double PST files without any doubt, so sometime control galore files is truly marmorean or awkward. It is a median happening happens with all email applications, but multiple PST files are one of the reasons of mail debasement, or mislay. Therefore, Outlook soul needs to add Outlook is an email consumer and PST is a database file of this email employment. PST file contains Outlook all items suchlike email, duty, calenders, etc. PST file automatically created when you act employed with an Outlook email computer. Usually, Outlook internal users do not condition to impact with triplex files. But Outlook utilised in organizational take where every organism uses Outlook to email, so Outlook database PST file is automatically hyperbolic.

Troubles with Combine  PST data files

It is a regular Express where your Outlook email client contains quaternate PST file, but you can face umteen problems after created some files whatever problems are: fractious to deal manifold files, Sometime these files get corrupt, misplaced or accidentally deleted, Outlook takes too often minute to area, these bigeminal files stricken Outlook execution, and orbit these files is also rough for you. All These situations occurred when your Outlook contains galore files. You can easily palm these problem if you merge all PST files into lone file.

How to Combine multiple PST files into One file?

If you are using Outlook  habitually in corporate workplace so PST files automatically increases its general situation, but Sometimes you know unlimited numbers of PST files, then you stuck with this condition and you require to pool all files into a individual file. Added place where pauperism to merge PST files: If you are using Outlook in two or much computers, so your all arch emails (information) is stored in different-different machine. Now, the muse is any method or way accessible for Converging outlook PST file satisfy is yes. Umpteen methods for mingling Outlook PST files, but commonly forward instance individual faces these types of problem they poverty to a recitation solution, So here manual method:

  • Advantage Outlook email client on your computer.
  • Then create a gap Outlook mail file.
  • Sound on “Tools”, then select “chronicle settings” then “mail files” & “Add New PST file”.
  • Yield jargon to this file.
  • Now clack on “New tab” and select “import/ export” alternative.
  • Select a mail file write.
  • “Outlook mail file (.pst)”, And dawn on “Next” button.
  • Now “Intend Look Data File” windows attending on your block Superior “do not substance duplicates” from learn box, and sound on succeeding fix.
  • Select file folder to import, and superior “Include Sub folders”, “Intend items into the selfsame folder in”. Then penetrate on “Finish”.

Observe: With this method you can easily merge multiple PST files, but several disadvantages of manual method much as activity accept too some moment to combining multiple PST files and also increases the alternative of data disadvantage or immorality, and sometime machine do not add PST files If the practice method does not effectively working and you noneffervescent get merging issues so you can try PST Merge utility. Merging files with this Program is quite simplistic and utile examination to added set. Tool also provides many other outlook user.


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