10 Home Plumbing Tips And Tricks


Plumbing tips and tricks will help you gain a better understanding of the plumbing systems in your home. You will be able to look after your pipes, drains and fixtures with this confidence of newly acquired knowledge that you will recognize potential plumbing problems at the earliest. The principles of modern plumbing system are fairly simple as they involve pressure and valves. Failure in their functionality results in a soggy mess. When it happens, learn to act quickly to avert major problems. Resolving small plumbing problems before they become major issues is the best way to keep out trouble. Investing in basic plumbing tools and plumbing supplies will help to keep water flowing smooth.

  1. Look for Leaks

Small leaks can lead to big problems. Look for signs of impending plumbing failures like leaking faucets, dripping refrigerators, damp cabinets, and leaky toilets. All these signal problems that require prompt action.

  1. Repair problems early

A leaking faucet when left unattended will release moisture on sink fixtures encouraging growth of mold and mildew.

  1. Watch what you flush

Never flush cleaning wipes, paper towels, cotton balls, medications, feminine hygiene products down your drains. It may clog up an entire sewer line. Flushing things other than toilet paper and bodily waste may cause serious clogs.

  1. Know where the main valve is

It is important to know the location of your household`s main sewer valve and what to do if an issue arises. In case of pipe burst, turning off the main valve will help in minimizing the damage till a plumber comes. Not knowing where it is will make you spend a lot of time locating it while there will be significant water damage to your home.

  1. Water Heater Maintenance

An annual inspection of your water heater by a plumbing professional will help to detect any problems and keep it working efficiently. It will help ward of repairs and reduce energy utility bills.

  1. Check Toilet Flush Valve

Check your toilet flapper for leaks. If detected early, they can save a lot of serious costly repairs. Check the flush valve seal and test it for leaks with food coloring. Pour some food coloring in your toilet bowl. After sometime, if the water has found a way down the drain, then it means there is a leak.


  1. Avoid clogged drains – Drain Cleaning Strategies

A clogged drain can lead to a variety of problems. If left unchecked, they can lead to costly repairs. Preventative measures can help check such problems that ruin your day. No oil or grease should be poured down the drain as they do not flow smoothly in the pipes. Pouring them will inevitably need a thorough drain cleaning.

  1. Placing Mesh Screens

This simple but effective solution avoids drain cleaning. Placing mesh screens over the drains in the bathtub, shower or kitchen will help catch hair, food particles and other debris.

  1. Avoid Store bought Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners bought from stores will damage the interiors of your piping at home over continuous usage and will pave way for potentially costly repairs.

  1. Plumbing works in Dubai – Hire a professional plumber

In case of complex plumbing issues in your home in Dubai, leave it to the professionals. Find the right professional plumber from reputed home maintenance services or top plumbing companies in Dubai, who have the knowledge and experience and right tools to fix your problems.



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