Why Web design & development is necessity for small businesses?


A website is a powerful marketing tool for businesses today. In today`s digital world, your business must have a website to have a strong online presence. About 80% of consumers use the internet to search for products and services they need before they make a purchase. A buyer`s decision is greatly influenced by online research. Your prospective customers are the ones searching for you through online methods. So you need to have a good website to connect with them. It is important for a small business owner to connect with their local audience.  With an investment in a quality website, social media presence and online marketing campaign, it makes it highly effective to reach your customers.

Gain credibility

In this highly competitive world, small business owners to attract the attention of would-be customers should have an attractive website to stand above the rest. Your small business will gain credibility by having a good website. To power your business, you need to invest in quality website design. You need to have professional website designs to attract new users. However, micro businesses are using websites of outdated technology and tend to be static with limited pages and offer no content management. Since they project a poor online image, even if they attract visitors, they rarely convert to paying customers and their site ranks low in Google search. Thus they miss huge opportunities to grow. If you already have a website, have it redesigned to build up your professional image which will inspire greater confidence in customers.


Having a website is a cost effective way to promote your business. Instead of investing in the traditional form of marketing like posting ads on newspapers or magazines, your website itself will act as a good market which provides qualified leads that deliver excellent conversion. Investing in a web design is much more affordable than conventional forms of marketing and can attract more customers in the long run.

Design of a small business website

Web design is a crucial aspect of your overall marketing strategy. It has a significant impact on conversion rate, search engine ranking, increasing awareness of your brand and products. Professionally designed website with professional images makes a huge difference. The right colour scheme for your site, your logo helps in catching the attention of visitors. High quality images help to make your site look professional. Pictures of your products and services help to showcase what you can offer to your customers. It is easy to update your products on the website. Having some form of animation in your website design will not only attract attention but also make visitors take the expected action.


You must make your website visible to your customers by making it climb the search engine results. If your website is not optimised, you cannot reach your customers searching for you. Upgrade your business to SEO friendly websites. To make your website more search engine friendly, it is important to update your content regularly. Attractive designs with a combination of text, images and videos help such websites to appear on top of a search engine page.


A well- designed website helps to build your brand reputation and recognition.

Professional web design

Interactive websites are appealing and provide customers with as much as information in the simplest of manners. Website application development takes the design and website structure to the level of user interaction: widgets, contact forms, conversion tools and workflow processes, shopping carts etc.

Appealing content

News, specials and testimonials are some of the ways to make your website dynamic and exciting. It will give repeat visitors a reason to revisit.

Web Design Company in Dubai

One of the major challenges faced today by small businesses is the lack of proper knowledge on web design and digital marketing. Choose a web design company in Dubai that can offer services that fulfill the entire life cycle process of an online brand – from design, software, digital marketing, social media, experiential marketing in dubai and videography. These companies can offer you with a wide array of various custom solutions that meet your business needs and budget.

Having websites with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Tools such as customer contact list, SMS alerts, email marketing, custom enquiry forms will help engage with customers.



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