Help your baby in her first steps- Crawling


Crawling is one of the first steps in your child’s independent journey, so many parents all want to know “when the baby crawls?” Once she climbed her, she could explore the surrounding world and rely on you to pick her up

When will the baby crawl?

Most babies crawled in 7 to 10 months old. Some start early, while others start later. Some babies completely skip the crawling stage pull up their own by the help holding furniture directly. Some babies choose the bottom of the shuffle, scrolling or sliding over the army commando-style through the room, not all babies crawling in the same way. Some babies seem to learn to spend the night, but in most cases need some practice. You should expect your baby to crawl happily on her first birthday.

Spending less time in their belly means that some babies need longer time to develop their body strength.
There are some things you can do to help your baby:

  • Tummy time, it takes time to spend time on her belly to help your baby get the power and enough strength to move her body. If your baby is crying in the when you lay her on her stomach on the floor, then try to lay her on your stomach. In this way, she can still see you, feel safe, but also make her muscles play a role. Every time she looked up at you, she would do a mini-job.
  • Wrapped up may not sound like the most effective way to build muscle, but with the baby to reposition their own parcels and harnesses, they are strengthening the muscles. When they looked up from the sling to see what happened, they were improving their neck muscle strength.
  • If your baby has a belly time on the pad, let the toy play to keep her happy and make it fun. Swinging in front of her toys, singing and keeping your face close to her, it’s a good way to keep your baby happy in her belly time.
  • Moving toys- Moving several toys may help encourage your baby to start crawling. Trains, cars, and balls are great toys that may be farther away from the baby.
  • Time Limit- Try to limit the time spent by the baby in a car seat, baby carriage or bodyguard. Babies need time to move and explore in order to master new skills, so let them have the freedom to do it.
  • Use the tunnel- There are a lot of tunnels and tents on the market. If you like, please play, play or chase your baby on a quarter to encourage her.
  • No pressure method- Though you may be desperate to see your baby shuffle her head several times to free, try not to hang on top. Do not compare her with other babies or push her to crawl when she is not ready yet. Just wait, be happy and support her because she develops this new and exciting skill.

By these simple tips, you can help your baby in his/her first craw and in this stage, you can develop a strong bond with your baby.


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