EML to Lotus Notes NSF file Conversion tool


Convert  EML files to NSF information and alien into Lotus Notes
1. Batch shift choice to change eightfold EML files to Lotus Notes (NSF) info.
2. Convert full properties of EML files including attachments, HTML info, embedded images, etc. to NSF file split.
3. Convert all EML files generated from any document such as Outlook Verbalise, Windows Whippy mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, IncrediMail, etc.
4. No filler limitations: Convert untrammeled come of EML files.
5.Import reborn NSF file to any writing of IBM Lotus Notes.

Everlasting Solvent to Convert EML to NSF
Exchange all properties of EML files from any email client or papers to Lotus Notes (NSF) Information

Change EML Messages
Download EML to NSF Wizard and convert heavy of EML folders to NSF change for Lotus Notes (9.0, 8.5, 8.0, 7.0, 6.5, 6.0).
Convert EML Attachments
Exchange and significance EML files with its all attachments to Lotus Notes. In software reactionary pane, you can depression on (*) indicated substance to consider bond.
Convert EML Properties
Software maintains EML file properties during rebirth activity suchlike HTML formatting, email Cope (to, cc, bcc, sent/receive day & instance, etc.).

Features & its Benefits

Alter EML to Lotus Notes (NSF) Divide
With EML to NSF Wizard you can quickly Convert triplex EML files to Lotus Notes NSF dissever. Honourable feeding EML folder(s) and dawn on checkbox option in software faction pane by which you present get instant preview of all mails related with this folder. For emails, you pauperism to plosive on required email to cheque its trailer in ripe pane.

Volume EML to Lotus Notes Transmutation
Software is flexile to Convert concentrated or manifold EML files to NSF (IBM Notes) split by selecting “Add Files” or “Add Folders” choice respectively. It creates sole NSF file (with unreduced email properties) whether you export azygos or multiple EML files. It is recommended to use “Add Folders” alternative to merge double EML files into exclusive NSF file.

Keep HTML Info and email Properties
EML to NSF Wizard is a well-organized Tool, by which you can easily sustain fresh HTML information, hyperlinks, graphics, embedded images, and otherwise email properties specified as to, cc, bcc, sent/receive stamp & reading, etc. during transformation noesis.
Software Supports all Versions of Lotus Notes
Software provides full-fledged compatibility with all versions of IBM Lotus Notes (9.0, 8.5, 8.0, 7.0, 6.5, 6.0).
Comment: Software does not work without start of Lotus Notes. So, living in knowledge that Lotus Notes should be installed on tool where you are achievement to accomplish EML to NSF rebirth.


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