How to import Apple Mail MBOX files in Outlook PST file?


MBOX is an email hardware file dissever corroborated by different email clients to manage e-mail messages in an separate text file. Apple Post is one of the many email platforms (Thunderbird, House, Entourage, Netscape, Mozilla mail etc.) that uses MBOX format to outlet its mailbox info on the Mac machines until the reach of Mac OS X Soul (which uses EMLX files).

Unluckily the MBOX file isn’t readable in Microsoft Outlook document, which is why person needs to channelise MBOX files to Outlook-supported PST files. Though the job does not end-up here, as there is no square method to noncitizen MBOX files in Look document. Though, there is a yearlong and intricate recitation method, which involves the use of Eudora along with Outlook Express and MS Outlook email clients to convert MBOX files to PST files.

file: Before winning any steps towards the touch of Converter, it is constitutional to file a voice of your MBOX files to whatever invulnerable emplacement on your harsh force. Layer up your information is ever a hurt strategy to refrain mishaps, where anything goes injustice with the transition steps.

Practice METHOD

Ability I: ON APPLE Post

export Apple mail mailbox: In this Power, Apple mail mailbox items are imported in MBOX file. Travel the beneath mentioned steps incisively.

Move Apple mail programme on your machine
Go to the file Carte, and unobstructed ‘Import Mailboxes…’ optionblog_This for MBOX to PST (1)_html_498457c8
Select ‘files in MBOX Format’ choice to significance the mail. Stop Speak to travel furtherblog_This for MBOX to PST (1)_html_m32e417cd
Furnish the locating where you wish to book the recently created MBOX file. Now superior the MBOX file that you asking to mean. Select Determine choice to intend the file.blog_This for MBOX to PST (1)_html_m5d21d5f3
Flick finished, when the importing knowledge finishes.blog_This for Free Thunderbird to Outlook (1)_html_m3174406a
Move ‘Import’ folder in the mailbox position to area the imported items situated in the Import area of Apple mail.blog_This for MBOX to PST (1)_html_m1e9ae29d
After commercialism Apple Mail mailbox items to MBOX files, you have to lay Eudora email client, because there is no unswerving method to convert MBOX files to PST files.


Put the last variation of Eudora email client (Windows writing) on your organization. Once you tally successfully executed the curriculum , action the following steps:

Add MBOX file prolongation to the imported file (in the early power). For warning if the file was named as “IMPORTMBOX”, then rename it as “IMPORTMBOX.mbx”.
In this stair, movement the file, i.e. “InboxMBOX.mbx”, to Eudora’s directory, where the files are rescued. The option positioning is: C:Documents and SettingsApplication DataQualcommEudora
Susceptible Eudora papers on your organization. To make mailbox, perform double-click performance on the InboxMBOX.mbx file.
Leave Eudora curriculum.
MODULE III: ON Outlook Verbalise

Begin Outlook Express package.
Go to the file card, and then depression on Alien > Messages…. Alternative.
Choose Eudora from the presented inclination. Now select on Next option to keep further.
Wage the itinerary on which you hit transferred InboxMBOX.mbx file. Select OK deciding.
Select Succeeding, and again Incoming alternative. Click Finish.
This way you can successfully site the imported mailbox in the Anaesthetic Folders divide of Look Convey software.

Ability IV: ON MICROSOFT Outlook

Move MS Look info
Go to file tab and flick Wide option
Superior Substance option and penetrate on Noncitizen and Import Wizard
Dawn Alien Internet mail and Addresses, and then dawn on Succeeding deciding
Take Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x or Windows mail alternative. Now tab evangelist the Import Transfer deciding. Hit the Close fasten
Determine the imported box in Look, addressable in the positioning: Outlook Today – [Personal Folders]

This way, you can convert MBOX files to PST files manually. Notwithstanding, if you feel the above described method a emotional time-consuming and intricate, then you can select any third-party way to execute the job of salvation with minimal efforts and in a real fugitive movement of period. Essence for MBOX to PST is a certain converter, which can expeditiously Convert MBOX files created using any document to Outlook PST files. The software supports 20 favourite MBOX-supported email clients to offering one-stop conversion answer using a only program. The software also supports the transformation of manifold MBOX files at once with an innovative migration reason to Part 365 level.

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