Zorba – A Renaissance Yoga Studio


Meaning of ZORBA – “A person who lives life fully each day.”

Zorba – A Renaissance Yoga Studio – helps you flourish and experience inner peace. Being India’s largest Yoga chain, we offer 14 different holistic approaches towards mental and physical wellness, also we offer 25 forms of unique forms of Yoga under one roof!

We currently have over 50+ studios in 30 cities (Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and more). We focus on yoga for all from 4-year-old kids to 90-year-old senior citizens.
All Zorba aims at is bringing happiness in people’s lives and we do just that through the medium of Yoga!

Now we know what you might think! Yoga, the traditional breath in breathe out, the old concept, but that’s now Yoga! At Zorba we teach almost 25 different forms of Yoga which include Aerial Yoga, Danda Yoga, Dance Yoga, Brick Yoga, Sculpt Yoga, Chair Yoga to name a few!
There is a twist and innovation in the traditional concept of Yoga!

Not only Zorba offers Yoga but different fitness workouts like Zumba, Piloxing, Aerobic & much more!

25 Forms of Yoga:
* Aerial Yoga
* Aqua Yoga
* Ashtanga Yoga
* Basketball Yoga
* Belt Yoga
* Bikram Yoga
* Brick Yoga
* Chair Yoga
* Dance Yoga
* Danda Yoga
* Hatha Yoga
* Hot Yoga
* Hybrid Yoga
* Insight Yoga
* Paddleboard Yoga
* Power Yoga
* Pragya Yoga
* Quantum Yoga
* Satyananda Yoga
* Sculpt Yoga
* Tibetan Rites
* Vinyasa Yoga
* Wall Yoga
* Yin Yoga
* Yoga for Abs

Extra 8 Forms of Yoga:
* Wheel Yoga
* Stiletto Yoga
* Acro Yoga
* Desktop Yoga
* Rope Yoga
* SuryaNamaskar Yoga
* Bench Yoga
* Beach Yoga

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Mobile: 9841132345/ 9840178032

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