How to Get Right Toll Free Number for Your Customer Management


Toll free numbers are the easiest and the most convenient way for customers to contact for their business to any company without being charged. A toll-free number helps you to communicate through a free medium for users to boost your business. There are many providers who offers 1800 numbers with a huge option of different plans in India. In this blog, We discuss about how to get toll free number setup for your business.

  1. Make Sure You need a Toll-Free Number
  • It won’t charge the user as its name itself says. But your company will pay for it and it will give you leads in return.
  • It gives a permanent presence of your business to the customers. Customers can contact you from anywhere in the country, infact from any corner of the world.
  • Half of your business deals can be closed on phone if you have such type of business. So giving customers an opportunity to call for free can prove beneficial for your business.
  • A personalised toll free number can make your company look more professional than anything else.
  1. You have to Contact Service Provider
    If you are looking for a toll free number then you must check with your service provider if he is having this facility for you or not. Chances of getting a better deal with your current service provider is more.
    You should also contact other service providers for your idea and so that you can compare plans of each other.
    There are many service providers available in India who are giving best service and support. Go 2 market India is one of them.
  2. Check all the Features Available.
    You need to check what all services are offered to you that are available with the service provider. Many companies offer various additional services such as voicemail, call routing, virtual receptionist, caller id etc. select the package that suits your business the best. Make sure that there are no hidden charges.


  1. Compare Price and Plans:
    Every cloud telephony service provider offers different plans on different prices. Some organization charge minimum monthly bill payment that includes number of call minutes, while other simply charge per minute. Incoming calls from different places or regions will charge differently. So, before choosing any service provider, you need to compare plans and price.


  1. Set Up Account
    Now you just need to set up your account as you have finalised your package with the particular service provider. Choose the easiest number to remember. Some service providers offer a great flexibility while choosing number options. Your toll free number will be activated just in few minutes once you have chosen the number and completed all the formalities.
  2. Forward Calls to Designated Lines.
    Toll free number can be forwarded to your existing landline number or mobile number. So you just can be available on toll free number for your customer which will increase customer satisfaction and in return will bring profitability to your business.

If you want to choose right service provider and right toll free 1800 number for your business, feel free to contact us. We let you to choose best number and service plan according to your business need. For more information or further interaction, you can send us enquiry at or Call Us on +918595080808

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