The Different Nuances of Workforce Development


It is a strategic priority for organizations to ensure there is a strong workforce because the value of replacing an employee is approximately 50-60%5 of the yearly salary of the employee. The expenditure of hiring a new candidate includes the training of the new hire, salary repayment, job issues, lost sales and several other relevant costs. Many vibrant organizations face the shortages of qualified job candidates to meet demand. Companies, educators, workforce specialists, and economic developers are joining the forces to fill the gaps in the pools of entry-level job candidates.

Credentialing is the method for granting an individual a type of substantial marker that the individual has exhibited capability in a branch of knowledge. Workforce credentialing alludes to certifications that are helpful for implying information, abilities, and skills relevant to work execution. Qualifications arrived in an assortment of structures. They incorporate scholarly degrees, state licenses, preparing authentications, proceeding with instruction units, board accreditations, inner (to the association) qualifications, and computerized identifications and small-scale certifications showing discrete learning achievements.

Professional credentials or Credentialing evaluations are utilized to archive

  • The authority of particular industry learning
  • Ownership of key occupation related aptitudes, capacities
  • Ownership of occupation pertinent abilities.

Credentialing evaluations can run from lower stakes to higher stakes.

  • Certification and licensure exams higher stakes
  • Certificates or small-scale qualifications bring down stakes

Test advancement and psychometric meticulousness changes significantly crosswise over sorts of certifications, and crosswise over credentialing associations inside a certification sort. Now why there’s an emerging interest in professional credentials?

  • Managers For years businesses have taken a gander at degrees and confirmations as markers of capability, and have utilized them in enlisting, advancement, and position choices. More dynamic fields incorporate human services and data innovation.
  • The Public-Key partner in the credentialing business. The expressed objective of numerous credentialing programs, particularly permitting, is the insurance of the general population.
  • Profession Technical Education Community-Used for program responsibility, exhibiting program adequacy. Government-Accredited confirmation projects are favored b/c quality is set up (esp. Dept of Defense)

The job market of the 21st century has a dramatic shift after the recession on 2008. During that time, most of the qualified professionals were left to do petty jobs. But still, the improved job market has a cutthroat competition to land a high-paying role. Certain workforce certifications that focus on how to transition between different industries can be of great help. These programs often consist of on-the-job training opportunities to gain favorable skill set which often makes the candidate stand out to the HR department. The current professionals can gain advantages from these programs as they pave your way to advance career growth.

People who are feeling stuck in their current role can also look for certain workforce certifications to learn that skill which will give them an edge over others. People who got recently unemployed or laid off can still have the leverage to advance their career with these programs. They can build the highly sought-after skill set with the help of these workforce certifications to prove it.


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