The New Role of the Modern HR Professional


When we are thinking about the stronghold of any bureaucracy, the HR seldom comes into our mind. The management role of an HR has reduced to certain paperwork only. But in the last years, a change has shifted the contemporary thinking about the HR department. The role of the conventional HR has transitioned into the modern HR in the last few years. There are three new important HR roles that have emerged to create a new paradigm for human resource management.

The human resource management is often involved in business strategies of the organization. This has created a need for the modern HR professional to become a strategic partner. To achieve the greater HR-related service efficiency, a comfortable balance is needed and that is the very criterion to become a strategic partner. Many HR professionals struggle to play the role of a strategic partner in their organizations as the HR has a penchant for getting involved in program design rather than making business decisions. Additionally, the HR is also not very familiar with the emerging technology that is being used constantly in strategic aspect. But there are several tangible ways in which the modern HR professional can enhance their processes. They have to spend more time on learning about the strategic value of the business or the organization. To evolve into today’s role, the HR must show the necessary foundation for business to work in strategic aspect.

The modern HR is often involved in employee advocacy which means the HR must play the crucial role to manage the needs of the management and the needs of the workforce. Employee advocacy consists the essential proficiency in creating a healthy work environment that motivates and encourages the employee. The other aspects of the employee advocacy are to build up consistency in maintaining the employee relations, effective communication between the workforce and the management, solving worker issues, and maintaining the best practices. The employee advocacy often deals with workplace manners and etiquette as well. In general, the HR and the human resource management is in charge of establishing the company culture, human resource management process, and providing the learning opportunities for the employee which makes him or her the voice of the employee.

Undoubtedly, an HR professional is the important asset of the company. He or she has to wear several hats in a day to deal with every aspect of the company. Being the voice of change champion in this ever-evolving economy is what makes the HR indispensable for the organization. It is of utmost importance to constantly assess the role of themselves in order to stay aligned with the present trends and changes in the landscape of business. Experts forecast that the emerging technologies will offer the HR practitioners to improve their human resource management process dramatically such as streamlining the delivery services, outsourcing the routine tasks, and gaining better traction which will create greater control over the human resource management process. To position themselves for the industry, the modern HR must understand their direction and have a defined plan on how to add value to the business in order to provide better service.


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