What Is a Chief Learning Officer and Why Do We Need One?


With rise in the competition amongst the firms whether big or small, each firm wants to stay ahead of the competition so that they stay ahead of the competition. And this is where the role of chief learning officer comes to play. But wait who or what is chief learning officer or CLO, what is his or her role in an organization, and how does he or she play a significant role in ensuring that the organization stays ahead of its competition? Read on to know more.

What Is Chief Learning Officer (CLO)?

So what or who is a chief learning officer or CLO and what is his or her role in an organization. A Chief Learning Officer as the name suggests is someone who is in-charge of the learning management. But what is learning management – you may ask. Learning management in simple terms means managing the learning programs for the employees, training them in latest technologies so that both the organization and its people stay ahead of the competition.

As a chief learning officer you will be either reporting to the Chief Operating Officer or the top CHRO or chief human resource officer. So if you are planning to be the next CLO remember that you need to be an expert either in corporate or personal training, along with degrees in education, instructional design or business or any other similar fields.

What Are Chief Learning Officer Responsibilities In An Organization?

While there will be numerous responsibilities that you will be shouldering as a chief learning officer of an organization, however are few of the prime ones that you will be shouldering on.

  1. Initiate the corporate strategy: As Chief Learning Officer you should be able to initiate the corporate strategy that will help an organization stay ahead of its rival firms. You should be able to create different strategies for employees related to their training, credentialing/certifications, along with learning and development. You should know which strategy will work best and which ones to let go off in order to stay ahead of the competition.
  2. Aligning the employees with business goals of an organization: You should be able to make employees align with the business goals of an organization and work in tandem as a team to reach those goals.
  3. Other responsibilities: Your other responsibilities may include developing an education process for an organization, promotion of knowledge management in an organization, starting effective training strategies for employees, managing and establishing latest technology in an organization along with endorsing the importance of learning to stay ahead of the competition.

Why Does An Organization Need A CLO Or Chief Learning Officer?

An organization needs a CLO or Chief Learning Officer because he or she is the person who will be able to ensure that the employees’ training requirements are met, employees are aligned to their goals and working towards to it so that the organization stays ahead of competition.


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