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Tu Aashiqui

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In the previous episode of ‘Tu Aashiqui’ serial we saw that how Ahaan already crazily in love with Pankti and tries to finding some ways to meet her properly. His friends by his side help him at this critical time and then they made a plan to meet with Pankti.

luckily Ahaan occur to meet Richa, and Richa is Pankti’s boarding school childhood friend. He look for her support and at last she agrees. On the other hand Pankti is seen crying bitterly for the type of fate she has, her elder sister tries reassuring her. Pankti’s mother desires no any mess, as she keeps a detailed eye on Pankti’s activities.

Pankti receives a phone call from the book store where her books got exchanged with Ahaan and store keeper asking her to come here and exchange the book. However her mother doesn’t let her go rather she does but Pankti decided to exchabge her book. But on other hand Ahaan and his friends together with Richa get shocked watching this as that they had planned everything. Still Ahaan doesn’t quit. Ahaan follows her mother’s car and reaches her house and also become happy to see her house.
Pankti’s sister also helps her to meet Richa who requests her again and again to attend her engagement occurrence the same evening. But first Pankti refuses to atend her engagement due to situation but later Pankti agrees that she would come to atend Richa engagement.

When Richa tells that she comes to atend her engagement after Listening this Ahaan feels really happy. He thinks finally he would be able to meet the love of her life.

Will this really happen? Or again Ahaan’s efforts will go waste? its really interesting to watch Tu Aashiqui serial

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