Thursday, December 14

Brand Ideas for Liquor Lovers


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In today`s world, everything is shifting. Drinkers need new reasons to try alcohol brands.  With many habitually staying with their favorites, brands need to ignite consumers` passions and generate word of mouth. However, with the younger generation it is different. Drinkers particularly the young no longer confined to ordering only Bud Light, Absolut or Jack Daniel`s. Rather, they are comfortable migrating between all three liquor categories – wines, beer, spirits.

Drinking at Home

Also the way people engage and socialize has changed. People more and more want to have good moments with their friends at home. Concerns regarding safety are additionally helping drink at home drinking culture. Companies like Pernod Ricard is looking into helping organize parties and using social media to share photos from moments spent entertaining at home.


Brands that were favorites in the past are no longer today. Brands need to ensure their communications ignite passion. For example, a few years ago, alcohol beverage giant Diageo realized that fireball –loving millennials weren`t downing Captain Morgan rum when they wanted to take a shot because it was always coke in their minds. Captain Morgan didn`t have an offering that appealed to them. So Diageo developed new drinks like Captain Morgan Cannon Blast to help the rum become more compelling when drinkers wanted to enjoy a shot at the bar.

Authenticity of Brands

Consumers are getting savvier. The quest for authenticity is shaping the sales of brands. Jameson`s Irish Heritage is doing well in the US while the sales of Pernod Ricard`s Vodka Absolut has dropped. The way the consumers interpret the authenticity of the brands is the reason for the slump and success. Now Pernod Ricard is promoting authenticity and quality instead of releasing new flavored vodkas and whiskies. Absolut recent release was `Oak by Absolut` meaning Vodka made in oak barrels and the vodka brand revamped its bottle branding to emphasize its authenticity, heritage and quality. They ensure all their brands have a strong heritage and history. Pernod Ricard acquitted majority stake in Hipster favorite – Monkey 47 Gin.

Gifting Ideas – Johnny Walker QR Codes

In this campaign by Diageo, it allowed sons to personalize whiskey bottles bought as gifts for their father`s on Father`s Day. Personalized messages could be sent through QR Codes put on the back of the whiskey bottle which allowed the buyer to embed a personalized video message using a web app. The father could access the video by just scanning the code. This helps to transform the bottle of whisky as a personalized gift rather than any other one. Other bottles to try as gift ideas would be Chivas Regal whisky and Johnnie Walker Blended Scotch Whisky.


There is an intrinsic connection between alcohol and entertainment.  Events sponsored by alcoholic brands from music festivals to tasting sessions to sporting events have grown bigger the past decade. These events provide brands with a platform to engage with their consumers. Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Sunburn, Sulafest, Tommorrowland are some of the music festivals.

Other noteworthy events are  Blender`s Pride Fashion Tour, Absolut Vh1 Liquid TV, Tuborg Nights, Smirnoff Experience, Beck`s Fusions of music and art, Hendrick`s focus on their Curiosities,  Smirnoff moving towards user –generated events with Be There are unique promotions for targeting the right audiences.