“Established in 2002 in India, EditSmart Editing Services is today one of the most trusted editing and proofreading service providers. Our foremost objective is to offer clienteles fast, dependable, and inexpensive language services.

EditSmart Editing Services was founded by Prabodh Phanse, a graduate in Arts with a specialization in the English language. Since our foundation, we have emphasized on first-rate copy editing and proofreading. We have edited and proofed more than a million words since 2002.

The domain of editing and proofreading is not just limited to correcting the language. A good editing service should not just play an important role in making the manuscript better but also help the author become a better writer. At EditSmart Editing Services, this is exactly what we do.

When we edit your academic manuscript, we intend to help you in getting the manuscript published in the journal of your choice. When we edit an article, our intention is to make the content as impactful as possible.

When we translate your document, we ensure that the essence of the original text is retained and your ideas are still conveyed with the same impact.

Irrespective of how good you write, the intended meaning of your content may get lost or diluted if it is not properly proofread and edited by professionals with a strong command over the English language. We understand that not every writer or researcher is a native speaker of English, and hence cannot express herself/himself or herself clearly. We ensure that the edited work is as good as a content written by a native speaker of English.

That’s why we always say: what we do at EditSmart Editing Services is much more than mere modifying and adding/deleting words. It is like turning a cake into a pastry.

Our highly qualified and well-experienced editors are based in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Philippines, and India. They are driven by the passion to ensure that you are satisfied with the edited content and that too at the lowest cost possible – because we believe that perfection need not be expensive. You pay only for what you need. Whether your document is an academic manuscript, a blog post, an article, a novel, a business plan, or a research proposal, rest assured that it will receive the expert attention that it warrants.

We take your privacy seriously and understand how important your work is for you. Once you are happy with the edit/translation, we completely delete your documents from our system and server.”


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