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Highest Paying Hosting Affiliate Marketing Programs 2017-Complete Review

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There are several ways Making Money Online in hundreds and thousands of dollars per month. Consider hosting affiliate marketing programs, yes they are the top paying affiliate programs. Simply place their banners and affiliate links on your website and make money that’s it. You have to convert your web traffic into sales through your links. A hosting topic niche will be helpful for you to place affiliate links because they mingle with the content. So that the rate of conversion to sales will be high when your visitor wants to create or host a website.
Here are some top hosting sites to make money through Hosting Affiliate Marketing programs:

1) WPEngine:


Commission rate: $200 per sale

Plans: Starts at $29 per month, a 30-day free trial.

Payment Frequency: Makeup to $7500 per sale and payment will be monthly by ShareASale
Join Program:

WPEngine is the best managed WordPress hosting site available and one of the top hosting affiliate marketing programs to make some decent money every month. You can make up to $7500 per sale. So it is only for those who are dependent on WordPress Managed Hosting Services.

But affiliate gets paid $200 minimum or 100% first payment which can be up to $7500 if a sale is greater than $200. You earn the highest income as possible.


WPEngine is one of the most recommended services by many new website owners around the internet. This is because of accuracy and support by them. It will be the most lovable product from your links. So be confident that your product never got any bad impression.
Huge payouts as you expected – it is sure that WP Engine pays standard commissions from $200 to $249, so you can trust that WPEngine is the highest paying marketer around you in the hosting industry.
Monthly payments and greater customer possession rates and there is a minimum payout limit of just $50 and you’ll be paid even if you ever managed to raise a single sale through your links.
You can get all the statistics and demographics about every visitor and those who clicked your links on which page or the post which is generating more clicks/sales gives you valuable information. This will lead you to make improvements in your content or making effective Conversion Ideas.
WPEngine provides bonuses to all affiliates who make signup for multiple customers per month. That is the cool part.
I am telling you the most important feature of WP Engine’s hosting affiliate marketing program is as it functions a two-tier system. That means you will get further $50 commission for every sign up by someone through your links.
The awesome part is cookies don’t expire and you will be still able to get many commissions even though the customers you refer take several months to decide. When they want to buy, you’ll get your commission.
There will be many Occasional and seasonal promotions, whenever the Christmas, New Year, Good Friday or a Black Friday and for many other holidays. Every hosting site will offer more discounts and many free coupon codes and hence the WPEngine too. That will generate great deals. If you got a large potential email list or a social media network capacity to reach a lot of customers, then you get few extra deals to make those opportunities turn out into sales.
WP Engine offers a large number of high quality and rich text split-tested banners in all the usual banner sizes available over the affiliate marketing world.


The most disappointing feature in WPEngine is the problem of limited audience. As the price for hosting is very high compared to other hosting sites, small personal or non-business sites won’t go for paying so much for hosting.
WPEngine is reliable and effective for high-class business websites so that they can pay as much as prescribed because they can afford.

As mentioned above, Managed WordPress hosting is a little bit different to the normal Shared Hosting network because they deal especially with WordPress sites and can provide all WordPress-specific support. WPEngine can handle all the security issues differently and will place an eye on the websites which are hosting by WPEngine.

2) SiteGround:


Earning potential: up to $150 per sale

Fee: No joining fee

SiteGround is known for its Quality web hosting and can make in top 10 positions in web hosting companies. Simply, it is also known for its low price hosting.

SiteGround offers you extremely friendly support and you can solve your queries through on the go chatting from the support panel. The siteground hosting affiliate marketing program is a competitive one, many affiliates apply, but only some people get selected. You might attend a chat with the affiliate manager for your approval process. They accept your site after thorough checking, make sure for the relevant content and quality content and also they ask you about the ad-placement ideas and the tricks you got to convert the web traffic into effective sales. But, when you got selected, the conversion rates from your affiliate links will be very high. This represents very good income potential.


Weekly payouts and No earning limit.
Insanely high commissions.
Hosting worth recommending.
Easy start and management.

Siteground also offers Managed WordPress hosting. Many of the new and non-profit websites won’t go for the high priced WPEngine. So they can turn to SiteGround and they host their own hosting affiliate marketing program.

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