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Kodaikanal – The Princess of Hills

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KodaiKanal – “The Princess of Hills”

Tourism  to Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is called as “The Princess of Hills” which is located near Palani , Dindigul District.

  • It is is two hours travel from palani by bike nearly 60 Kms to reach the destination.
  • By the way we are going to kodaikanal . it is very nice to travel in the hairpin bend roads.
  • Where there are many places we want to cross while travelling.

First we want to travel to Kodaikanal through bye pass road or through giri veedhi from the side of palani hill.There is also another route which is from  the karamadai road the way to Udumalai.

Now we are going through the dindigul main road and travel through the kodaikanal bye pass.

  • While entering the bye pass there is bakery ,tea stall & Hotel .where we can get some food and Snacks there for some biting. We can have some warm up there. While travelling there is the mango gardens which is quit natural to travel there. when we travel across “Varathamanthi”
  • We can enjoy the falling of water in dam.Which is surrounded by mountain and at the centre the water is   It is quit cool to see ,enjoy and have a snapshot.

Ok lets move on !!

  • Next is the puliamarathu set. Where there is a check post there. there is a  place ” thaekanthottam” Which is government reserved forest with the mountains and there is some natural falls where we can enjoy ourselves ,which is really calm and peace there.
  • Crossing that within 1 Km kodaikanal Hairpin bed road starts . This is the first point for moving in zigzag road which is really adventurous there. We can feel different kind of weather And once move up & Up. It is really natural and fantastic to see the ground at the bottom.
  • Which is really covered with coconut trees and the water in the dam which is scattering through sunlight makes us feel good. And the roads which we have crossed will be visible clear and we can see the whole road which is in zigzag. while moving up there is a quit cool where our ears feel closing slightly by the feel of mist.
  • And we can have some play with monkeys on the road side where they are in groups and expecting some food over there. Next we move and reach “vadakavunji”. There is some hotel which is located with great location where some farmers working in the field of banana tree. Really

Next we move to “Melpallam”

Melpallam :

  • Melpallam is rich of fruit stores where we can get some rare fruits over there such as mangoosthan,avacoda,mala nellikai,berry,plus,pichchees and etc..,
  • we travel some five to six kilometers there is a toll gate and we are near to the “silver falls”.

We reached “Silver Falls”.

Silver Falls :

  • Silver falls is really nice to see the falls which is breezy and cool and we can have some photographs over there. And have some spicy “Tea & Mulahai bachchi” there it is where the tourists engage in large.

Next we move to the “Pillar Rock” .

Pillar Rock :

  • Pilllar Rock is really a gigantic place which gives us an amazing feeling. It is busy over there and many shops for purchase where many foreigners visits over there.
  • We can have a good visit of the nature. It is the place which is so deep nearly 2000 feet distance from the land and there is a single rock over there with standing by showing the power of almighty .There is some “Ayurvedic thailam” and some shops over there where we get some refreshment there.

Next to the “Guna Kuhai”

Guna Kuhai :

  • By moving up & down the road. We reach Guna Huhai. There is a ticket counter for visiting and we move to guna kuhai there is some slope over there and we can reach the place which is really adventurous and it is covered by steel fence it is dangerous to move against the gate.
  • After having some snap we move some place which is called the pine forest.

Pine Forest :

  • Pine forest is really a sloping area. And with full of pine trees where we have the tickets for visiting. We should be aware of the monkeys which is waiting for snacks. Really it is a beautiful spot for shooting & the snapshot.

Next we slowly move to the “Bryant park”

Bryant Park :

  • Bryant park will be good place for having Lunch & also the Lake. Here also there is an entry ticket where there is a place for kids to play and the green house with different Speices  of plants and there is a flower park inside the Bryant park really a special treat to our eyes. After having some photograph over there we shall move to the lake.

Lake :

  • Lake is really a good place where we can enjoy for many hours and where there are is a famous boating there and really the depth of the lake is so long and we can have cycling over there and the cycling is relay a superb feeling there.
  • Horse riding is special there where we have ride with horse will give us a good feel and some biting will be available such as the chilly corn and chilly mangoes which is really a correct food bite over there. Shooting is also famous for kids there we can  Enjoy some hours and let go down to resort.
  • Some place are there on the way where we can have and there is the point which is called the coakers walk .

Coakers Walk :

  • Coakers Walk is built around the small mountain by a King for walking. In there some shoppings and snapshot we can have. And the landscape is superb there.
  • Solar observatory, Berijam Lake and while moving down there is a place near melpallm is the palani view.

Palani View :

  • At night it is so glorius to visit palani view. Since there are many places we can discover by trekking with our friends and it is so hilly.

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