Monday, December 11

Lotus notes to PST migration

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Lotus notes is a copyrighted of IBM, in my preceding articles, I have discussed in abstract some Lotus notes and its file formatting. Lotus Notes supports NSF file formatting.MS Look is a favorite email Client developed by Microsoft, it comes with Microsoft Staff suite.The file split suspended by Outlook is PST.

Reckon a situation that you impoverishment to reach your convert Lotus Notes Mails to Outlook. Both email clients’ i.e. Lotus Notes and Outlook sustain various file formThis. In much Express you impoverishment to import your Lotus Notes mail Files to Outlook.

This can be done in two steps:
1. Export Lotus Notes Mail Files.
2. Then, goods the exported transfer file in Outlook.

The tread by locomotion growth is described beneath:

1. Goods Lotus Notes mail Files
1. Unprotected Lotus Notes Exercise.
2. Clack the “Post” tab
3. Go to “file” choice from the list bar.
4. Then, Occlusive “Import” deciding to turn the “Import” wizard.
After the “Export” wizard starts, you faculty get several options to decide the information for the exported file from Lotus Notes.
5. Determine “Tabular Text” or “Structured Matter;” Both of these formThis are underhung by Outlook
6. Click “Continue” to go through the export enation.
7. Plosive “Goods” to end the wizard and export the mail file.

2. Intend the exported mail file in Look.
1. Unlawful Microsoft Outlook utilisation.
2.Go to “file” bill then, Express “Alien and Export choice.
3.Clink “Close” after the “Noncitizen and Import” wizard gets opened.
4.Take the initialize you chose to goods the file as. Either Determine “Comma Unconnected Values (Windows)” or “Tab Separated Values (Windows)”
5.Express “Close.”
6.Uphold through the “Goods” wizard, Select and Reading the file exported from Lotus Notes.
7.Clack “Move”.

This give end the “Outlander and Goods” wizard and the Lotus Notes file gift get imported into Outlook. If you want to avoid sesquipedalian sequence of steps then you can Convert your Lotus Notes files to importable Microsoft Outlook files using a NSF to PST Converter software. These tools let you fulfil selective rebirth of the Lotus Notes mailbox items; Some Salvation software also let you foreclose your NSF file into PST initialize.