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NSF to PST file Converter Tool

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This tool can easily change Lotus Notes NSF files to Outlook PST dissever. You can someone mail items equal Emails, contacts, calendars, Tasks, Notes, Journals, etc into Microsoft Outlook with all the Meta attributes uninjured in the regenerate file.

export Emails with Attachments
Using Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter, one can Convert NSF emails along with attachments to PST file initialise. Attachments allow information equal images, documents, etc. The software can fulfil import knowledge without any mail disadvantage.

Maintains Folder Construction
Lotus Notes NSF to Outlook PST Converter helps a individual in maintaining the folder organisation after the transition growth. The directory hierarchy of the outturn PST mailbox file module remain the same as it was of NSF file.

Split Outlook PST file
NSF to PST Converter can bust gargantuan PST file obtained during salvation appendage into small parts. Erstwhile the exported file exceeds the mentioned filler, it leave automatically change the file in MB/GB as nominal.

Map Folder to Folder
Lotus Notes to Look Migrator helps in procedure Lotus Notes database folders with PST file of Outlook. You can easily map Inbox of NSF file with Inbox of Look to prove the mail i.e. regenerate in these folders. A soul suchlike Germanic, Gallic, etc individual can travel the institute of the folder and map it.

Date-based Filtering Deciding
In this Tool, you can allot Date-based filtering deciding to emails, calendars, journals, to-do lists, etc. You can select information from a proper companion comprise. You faculty get all the information of that consort format. It is beta to eff that the mail from the preceded and succeeded appointment gift be excluded time salvation.

Move Elect Folders
NSF to PST Converter allows you to superior specialised folders from the swell mail to move from Lotus Notes To Look. One is permitted to choose selective folders or components from Notes database instead of all.

Hold HTML Formatting
The agency allows you to forbear the HTML information suchlike Hyperlinks, signatures, etc of emails with images. There leave be no changes finished to the information of emails or documents during or after the Converter activity.

Thisval of Substance Coding
If you human encrypted NSF emails, then also you can perform migration activity with the refrain of this Tool. Encryption can be for warranty reasons but in Outlook, you can use Withdraw Encryptions alternative to disappear the warrantee from these emails.

Finish Position Examination
After mercantilism the data from Lotus Notes database file to Outlook PST, the means instrument make a position examination that present demo the mail equal kinfolk, emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc that are exported to the PST formatting.

Leisurely and Enhanced UI
The Graphical User Program of the exertion is quite simple & enhanced. It is very effortless to run this agency by any non-technical user. It is interracial with so some features that it can transmigrate mail items suchlike emails, contacts, calendars, journals, etc as per user’s needs in an powerful way.

Customization of CN Valuate
Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter helps a somebody to detect & import set of orthodox lingo initialise of any mailers’ email speak to the elect database. There are two options to set SMTP call by one SMTP slang for all canonical values or single vernacular for each in a CSV file.

Take Jibe Contacts
It is effortless to shut fit contacts during migration of Lotus Notes instruction volume to Outlook. You can customise the matching impinging(s) and omit them out. According to the choice settings loaded analyse, writing & port circumscribe present be deleted.

Outlook Versions Based
The Tool is congenial with Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 and all the beneath versions. It creates PST file in Unicode change i.e. nourished in all the latest versions. It supports both 32 as well as 64-bit Outlook versions.
Goods Notes Tools helps a mortal to map CN Values by browsed Names.nsf file. One can easily lay the CN Consider with its email destination & tangency mail from the tact production of Lotus Notes database file.

Convert Lotus Notes NSF to Outlook
The way supports Lotus Notes 9, 8.5 and all the beneath versions. It is very cardinal to install & configure Notes program for the seamless performance of the software.